Thursday, October 23, 2008

Episode 11 - Interview with Kristin of Craft & Sew Studio

Kristin, Amber & Tasha

Episode 11 - Interview with Kristin of Craft & Sew Studio

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This episode we talk with Kristin Glans, owner of Craft & Sew Studio in Virginia Beach, Va., about everything from Project Runway to couture costume design to passing on craft skills to future generations.
Music: Milk and Apples by Jets to Brazil


Nacho said...

In response to Kristen wanting to get more high school students in her classes, have you considered advertising your local high schools' newspapers? You could also make your presence known by contacting either the high school counseling department or the schools art teachers. If they're aware of what you have to offer, maybe they'll pimp you out, as it were, to their students.

Mara said...

To Kristin: Go to the Drama/Theater department of the local high schools! Those are your people and you can relate to them. Also, maybe something about being able to create one of a kind prom/homecoming dresses/outfits. Or even a local Project Runway type of competition. That would really get you noticed and create some partnerships with the community. You have to get rid of the stigma and maybe have a motto/slogan that this isn't your mom's home ec. Great podcast girls!