Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode 10: Holiday Crafting

image via k_mcnierney

Episode 10: Holiday Crafting

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Holiday Crafting

If you don't have time to make handmade gifts, buy handmade!
Next week: interview with Kristin, owner of Craft & Sew Studio


Coco said...

I make knit christmas ornaments that are tiny versions of hats, sweaters, mittens, and scarves. I'm planning on giving the tiny scarves as gifts to my family this year. The pattern for the tiny hat is on my blog

In years past, I've given homemade hot cocoa mix in a mug, fresh baked cookies, and homemade candy in gift bags that I made.

I love your podcast and look forward to it every week!!

sweetpea said...

Found your podcast a short time ago but only just around to listening to them, pretty much all in one go after some fairly major ankle surgery. The strong meds I am on for the pain make my eyes screwy so can't read at the mo so you two have really kept me company, not to mention informed over the past couple of days! So a big thanks! I am even tempted to try knitting again thanks to you two! Looking forward to the next one!