Saturday, January 3, 2009

Episode 15 - Is it 2009 already?!

Episode 15 - Is it 2009 already?!
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We're back! Catching up on a little over-the-holidays crafting, some reading and re-reading, a little fitness chat and a few crafty links to get you inspired.


Crafty Links
Gotta Buck or Two?
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Music: We Gotta Know by Cro-Mags


Jess said...

LOVE that you guys used the Cro-Mags for the intro music.

Anonymous said...

So, I just discovered your podcast over the holidays and I'm so happy to have found yet another podcast to help me pretend to be crafting when I really am doing other things.

You asked about our crafting/crafty gifts these holidays, and I'm very happy to say that my family did a completely handmade Christmas this year. It was super amazing to see all the ideas the kids and my husband came up with.

My family got me a few things I am jazzed about, including the book Sew U to help propel me into competent sewing, and Free Range Knitter, a Yarn Harlot book that I'm having a really hard time putting down.

Have you listened to the Librevox book podcaster Brenda Dayne did? Her version of "Age of Innocence" is nearly professional in quality. A listening experience of pure pleasure. Right now I've got an Audible account and have bought a few books. Dickens' "Christmas Carol" and Terry Pratchett's "Making Money" are the last two.


ajtdrosa said...

Tasha, I have been looking for a hip-hop workout class in the area. Where do you go for your classes? Thanks! -Agnes D.