Friday, September 26, 2008

Episode 7 - Back in black!

Episode 7: Back in black!

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It's been a minute! Hope you enjoyed the break cause we're back!


  • Natural dyes party with Hazel
  • Logwood/tin and of all things Raspberry Crystal Light!
Attention Crafty Vendors!
Cool New Stuff
  • A gorgeous skein of recycled handpicked silk yarn (photo above!) from Blondechicken's etsy shop
  • Leave a comment with your favorite craft tip. We'll pick a winner next week!
This week's music: Elevator Music by Beck


Michelle said...

Oooooh- that yarn looks so pretty! I can just see a scarf coming to life out of it! I guess my favorite craft tip is not really a tip so much as common sense. Any pattern that I choose, I print at least 2 copies AND save it to my laptop and ravelry. Usually I lose copies all over the place, but then I find them again when I need it. My email is Thanks for another interesting podcast, it's great to hear from ya'll again.

serenknitity said...

My most useful tip is for a neat -looking SSK - slip knitwise then slip next stitch purlwise.

Anonymous said...

I love the colours of the yarn, My tip is that when I see a pattern that I think that I would like to knit up I will downlaod and save it so if I know I will be able to find it later when I do decide to knit it. I am Cookey on ravelry my email is I love to listen to your podcast great to hear your back, keep up the good work.

Tasha said...

My tip is if you don't want your yarn rolling around on the floor and getting dirty, put it in a ziploc bag or container, punch a hole in it and pull the yarn through. No dirty yarn and it stays in place. :)

idyll hands said...

My crafting tip is not knitting/yarn centric (even though my example is). When you buy new yarn (or beads, or fabric, or whatever), organize it by color family as soon as you get it home. Do not put it in a box or pile to do later. You'll never do it.

You can stash yarn by color in magazine boxes on a shelf if you want it out in the open, or clear shoe boxes under the bed to get it out of the way.

You'll thank yourself later when you are looking for a certain color.

Sarah said...

My crafting tip is for those who's crafty-to-do list is too long and often let "deadlines" slip by.

I created a lined dry erase board with space for the project name and deadline.

I can fill up all the lines, but nothing else can butt in line until something comes off the list.

I keep my "Crafty To Do" next to my crafting table so every day I can see if I really should be working on my mom's birthday present, instead of a self-indulgent project that has no "deadline".

(email: shuffar at gmail dot com)

Louise said...

Yay, I'm so happy there's a new episode! My crafting tip is to make some project bags for the small knitting/handsewing projects that you are working on. I keep my WIP projects in a basket next to the couch and they tend to get all mixed up. I whipped up some simple drawstring calico bags, embellished them with freezer paper stencils and hey presto - projects are contained in a cute way and I don't spend ages trying to untangle my knitting from other projects before I can start. My email is luubeeluu at gmail dot com

Holly said...

My tip is one I use for crafting and cooking -- Google Docs! I have organized all my recipes and knitting patterns there. It's sort of like, except I have added in family recipes and patterns there as well. I'm so obsessed with it! Because I am always back and forth between my house or my boyfriend's house or wherever, it comes in handy to just have everything all saved online and just a click away.

Paula said...

My tip is for a neat knitted edge. Instead of slipping the first stitch of a row, do as follows: Before the last stitch of the row, bring the yarn to the front. Slip the last stitch. Turn work. Knit into the back of the first stitch of the row.

I love reading all the tips! I just recently discovered your podcast and this was the first episode I listened to. Lucky me!

Panjo Kids said...

Yummy yarn! My crafty tip is about Freezer Paper Stenciling. Yeah yeah, I know everyone's been blogging about it lately, myself included, but did you know that instead of tracing your design, or taping your design to the freezer paper you can cut the freezer paper into 8 1/2 x 11 pieces and run them through your printer? Waxy side down, voila! You can print up simple clip art, or design something yourseld. I have a tutorial of freezer paper stencilling on my blog-