Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode 4 - Let's talk about fitting!

Episode 4 - Let’s talk about fitting!

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  • Sewing Tip: zig zag stitch or serge raw edges together to prevent fraying in the washer & dryer when pre-treating fabric
  • Dachshund snuggle bags like these on etsy
  • Pi Shawl edging woes
  • Knitting tip: if you have Knitpicks Options needles, you can easily make a lifeline by putting some thread through the needle's tightening hole and pulling it through all the stitches
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Amethyst said...

Another good ep :) I've been waiting to review on itunes until I've heard a few (and I'm going to now), maybe that's what other people are doing? Unless I really hate a podcast, I give it at least 3 episodes before I make a decision.

I was looking at the Little Blue Sweater, and I think I have a mod that could work for plus sizes. Knit the lace down to where you want to stop it, then do maybe an inch of a flat stitch (like seed stitch, something that won't curl). Do stockinette and waist shaping until you're about 1.5 inches from the bottom, but have a slipped stitch every 5 or 6 rows on the right side (depending on how many stitches there are). That way, it's not too fancy or plain, and you still end up with vertical lines like the top has. End the top with the same flat stitch pattern.

I love the colour of that sweater, and the model is *gorgeous*.

Amethyst said...

Well I was going to leave a review on iTunes, but I've never done it there before. I signed in with my AIM name, and then it wanted me to do a profile before I do a review. I don't want to have to give my credit card number, and I couldn't figure out how to skip that step :P So I'll just tell you here, okay?

I have to admit, I wasn't sure about the podcast at first, only because you two cover such a wide range of topics. I do like it, you guys are friendly and interesting, but, for example, I've never seen Project Runway and I'm not that interested in it. So when you guys talk about that, I sort of tune out or wonder when you'll move on. I'm sure there are people who like that, though.

My interests are mainly the knitting, crochet, and vegan food topics. I don't sew more than hems on pants and shirtsleeves and maybe a lining in a knit or crocheted purse, but I'm content listening to sewing talk. I love to read, and book recommendations are great.

I do like how you try to keep things in order. The project runway stuff is always near the end, as is the books and tv talk. As long as I can have an idea when you're going to be talking about what, that's great.

Also, pictures and links to things you've talked about are great. :) Some people ignore the show notes, or get lazy about them, I really appreciate when people take the time to do them either by the time the podcast is up, or not long after.

Amber & Tasha said...

Thanks for the great feedback guys! Amethyst, that's a great idea for the sweater!

maki said...

Thanks for the mention, and I'm glad you find the Weekly Bento Planner useful! Just one small correction - I'm not a he, I'm a she :)

Amber & Tasha said...

Sorry Maki!! I do love the planner though!

Jana said...

Oh what’s not to like: You two are amazing, I love the diverse interest (probably since I enjoy nearly all of the topics) You have opened my eyes to some pretty cool recipes, sewing patterns, books, shows, Knitting and crocheting projects… Just gave you a top rating on ITunes. I have listened to two of the podcast and plan to go back and listen to the few I missed: One question are you both vegans? (Sorry if I missed answer). Another thing I am glad to hear someone address plus size figures without embarrassment.
Therefore glad I found you and hope you have a long run podcasting…. Jana

Amber & Tasha said...

Thanks Jana! Actually I am the vegan and the plus sized one (this is Amber typing). We are glad you enjoy the podcast!

The Litter Box House said...

I just got around to listening to your older podcasts and thought I'd share my favorite vegan pumpkin waffle recipe from Isa Moskowitz's The Post Punk Kitchen. I hope the link works for you. They taste the best when made in a Hello Kitty Waffle maker! And I've had a family full of non-vegans give this recipe their eager stamp of approval!

Selkie on Ravelry