Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 1 - Patrick Bateman to Project Runway





jessplease said...

Hi, this was really good! Do you have any recommendations for other crafty podcasts?

Amber & Tasha said...

Thanks Jess! I really like these (google them and you'll find their pages):

Stash & Burn
Lime & Violet
Craft Sanity
Cast On

Amethyst said...

So far so good :)

sassenach said...

Just listened to episode 1--love, love, loved it! I even thought the bit about the KitchenAid mixer was cool, and I don't even cook, lol. Can't wait for the next episode!

Amber & Tasha said...

Thanks everyone!

Cathy said...

I can't get my computer to open this file. Is there any way for you to convert it to something more easily recognized by my computer, such as mp3?

Amber & Tasha said...

Yes I will try to convert this file and also we'll use an mp3 for the next podcast. Sorry about that!

Stephanie said...

Your first episode is great! I hope you keep going, I love the topics you cover, it's like we are in crafty sync!